On and off-road handling, combined with its all-weather capability, guarantees that this compact SUV delivers a confident and assured drive, no matter the conditions.

The B was an epochal car for MG. During its 18-year production run, it became the world’s best-selling sports car, and went on to define the concept of the open-topped British sports car for enthusiasts across the world. And since it went out of production in 1980 (by which time, it was already a classic), an entire support industry has grown up around it.

When launched in 1962, a upto-the-minute specification meant it was a delight to drive compared with its rivals, as well as being a significant step forward from the MGA. There was plenty of power on tap, thanks to its recently upgraded 1.8-litre B-series engine. Four-speed gearbox (with overdrive available), rack-and-pinion steering, independent front suspension, and disc brakes